I love talking to founders, learning about new businesses and exploring new technology. When I meet founders I'm really impressed by, or technologies I'm really excited by, I occasionally invest. I invest if I think I can add value and make money.

Nyctea. I invested in Nyctea because I've been consistently impressed by founder and CEO Dr. Gustav Ferrand-Drake. Nyctea is on a mission to create affordable medicine by reducing the cost of production. Through his research, Gustav has invented a new method of biopharmaceutical purification. Link

IntuiCell. I'm excited by IntuiCells mission to reinvent the way machine learning works. It's a bold and crazy ambition. Dr. Henrik J├Ârntell has spent his career understanding the neural basis of sensorimotor control. His conclusion is that modern machine learning is based on a long-since outdated understanding of the brain. Link